I'm a journalist and photographer

I write about food, travel, politics, feminism, photography I started as a photographer. I'm an award winning blogger. I'm a chef/creator of the supper club movement I've written 4 books.

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The Independent

Twist and shout: Britain's brightest food talents present their

Our good Queen Liz may have been honoured in myriad ways over the past six decades, but some decent, honorary grub isn't one of them. After all, the one dish that has truly paid tribute to her remains the less-than-majestic coronation chicken, conjured up for her coronation lunch in 1953...

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The Independent

The supper on its uppers: Why we need to learn to entertain lavishly

The dinner party, that great social institution variously loved and dreaded by the middle-classes, is reportedly in decline. If there is to be a place for chat about house prices and schooling for little Oliver (whose appearance in pyjamas at the dining room door may or may not be encouraged)...

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The Independent

This one's for me: Chefs and food bloggers reveal their favourite solo

Suzy Bowler, Sudden Lunch!, suddenlunch.blogspot.co.uk...

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The Independent

Christmas 2014: Best books on food

Don’t know about you, but too many of my cookbooks have been bought with the expectation that they will “come in useful” one day; for instance when I invite a Hollywood star for dinner, or cook a wedding breakfast for 26 (I did actually do that once, but that’s another...

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The Independent

Christmas 2015: 10 experts reveal their festive culinary mistakes

THE UNINVITED GUESTS Atul Kochhar, Benares...

The Independent

Roganic, 19 Blandford Street, London W1U 3DH

One of the questions I'm most often asked, when I tell people I review restaurants, is, 'Where have you been lately that's really special?'. And it's a difficult one to answer. The truth is, there aren't many places out there that really are that special. For every Fat Duck, there's...

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The Independent

Crowdfunding concerts: How fans can get their heroes to play in their

At the climax of the film Wayne's World 2, Wayne and Garth manage to book their dream roster of bands and bring them to their home town – Aurora, Illinois. It sounded like a far-fetched fantasy at the time. But 20 years later, this kind of dream could soon become...

The Independent

The way we eat now: What will future food historians make of our

If you immerse yourself as thoroughly as I do in today's food writing – from the food mags like Olive and Delicious and the cookery pages of supplements such as this one, to the niche publications designed for the true food porn consumer and a teetering mountain of cookery books...