I'm a journalist and photographer

I write about food, travel, politics, feminism, photography I started as a photographer. I'm an award winning blogger. I'm a chef/creator of the supper club movement I've written 4 books.

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The Guardian

Kerstin Rodgers | The Guardian

Also known as MsMarmiteLover (including on Twitter), Kerstin Rodgers runs The Underground Restaurant in London. Her first recipe book, Supper Club: recipes and notes from the underground restaurant, is published in March...

The Guardian

Top tomatoes: gourmet canned and jarred varieties tested

Would you spend £5 on a tin of tomatoes? Maybe our panel can convince you it’s worth the expense if you want a great tomato sauce …...

The Guardian

Underground restaurants: How would you feel about paying a stranger for hospitality?

Underground restaurants are becoming a feature of the culinary landscape - if you can find one. How would you feel about paying a stranger for hospitality?...

The Guardian

The Queen is Dead: Morrissey's style, 30 years on – stylewatch

The Smiths’ seminal album is 30 years old. From a style perspective, from oversized knits to the quiff, Morrissey (the original sad boy) set the tone for emotionally charged male pop stars...

The Guardian

From blogs to books

Increasingly, recipe book publishers are finding new authors from within the food blogging community. Are you always keen to engage with a new voice, or do you prefer tuition from an established expert?...

The Guardian

How to cook the perfect crisps

Freshly cooked potato crisps are a far cry from the bagged variety, but what variety of spud should you use, how do you ensure they go crispy without burning – and is the superior taste worth all the effort?...

The Guardian

Pop-up restaurants: here today, gone tomorrow

This summer will belong to Britain's burgeoning pop-up restaurant scene, so keep an eye out for what's happening near you...

The Guardian

An indie label releases Blue Monday, the biggest selling 12-inch single ever

March 1983: Number 27 in our series of the 50 key events in the history of indie music...

The Guardian

Cookbooks, TEDx talks and Nordic utensils | The Grazer

The Grazer: This week we’re getting excited by the latest cookbooks, TEDx Manhattan’s food event and Nordic cooking utensils...

The Guardian

Lemmy of Motörhead – a life in pictures

Lemmy Kilmister, founding member and singer in British heavy metal band Motörhead, lived as loudly as he played...

The Guardian

30 years of 4AD

Record label 4AD have been working with some of the biggest names in music since 1980. We look at the artists who helped make the indie label so influential...

The Guardian

Which salt is your cooking worth?

Judicious seasoning has always been essential in cooking, but there's much more to salt than a fine white powder. Do you use different salts for different purposes?...

The Guardian

Paul Weller: a life in photographs

From young mod to old rocker: the many faces of pop's great survivor...

The Guardian

4AD, the record label that gave birth to indie cool, celebrates 30th anniversary

Label's classic album covers, minimalist style and cult bands still revered by fans as it marks three decades at the cutting edge...

The Guardian

The 10 best British indie record labels - in pictures

Which minor players have made the biggest noise?...