I'm a journalist and photographer

I write about food, travel, politics, feminism, photography I started as a photographer. I'm an award winning blogger. I'm a chef/creator of the supper club movement I've written 4 books.

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The Gould standard of cheesemaking - Food and Drink - Hampstead Highgate Express

The Gould standard of cheesemaking - Food and Drink...

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Recipe: Use local and sustainable charcoal to cook pizza on the barbecue

Kerstin learns more about the 30,000-year-old cooking technique before sharing a delicious recipe for a char-grilled pizza....


Ms Marmite Lover’s eggy recipes for Easter - Food and Drink - Hampstead Highgate Express

Ms Marmite Lover’s eggy recipes for Easter - Food a...

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Ms Marmite Lover: This cheesy Tartiflette is a taste of Alpine living

Faced with little snow and fear at even a blue run, Kerstin Rodgers, aka MsMarmiteLover, found solace in potatoes, cream and local Reblochon cheese on her recent Alpine holiday....

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Ms Marmite Lover: This pistachio and quince baklava is all Greek to me

Kerstin Rodgers looks to the Mediterranean country for inspiration to showcase fresh quality ingredients in simple dishes....

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10 cookbooks that would make the perfect present this Christmas

Kerstin Rodgers, aka. Ms Marmite Lover, recommends her top food books as festive gifts with an eye to “good writing, original recipes and great photography”....

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From Kilburn to Calais: Refugee chefs feed thousands in migrant ‘Jungle’ camp

Last bank holiday, Kerstin travelled from Kilburn to the Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps to volunteer in the community kitchens. She writes about making mass meals out of donated food and features two recipes inspired by the things she ate there....

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Ms Marmite Lover: Pumpkins are perfect for spicing up soups, salads or souffles

Kerstin Rodgers, aka. the blogger Ms Marmite Lover, says a squash and a squeeze can get the most out of these versatile veg....


Ms Marmite Lover: My ‘death row’ meal? It could well be this seaside spaghetti

Kerstin Rodgers is the writer behind award-winning food blog Ms Marmite Lover and the founder of supper clubs. In her new column, she reveals what it takes to make a perfect pasta dish....


Food and Drink

News, sport and what's on from the Hampstead Highgate Express...

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All I want for Christmas is a new cook book

A round up of the year’s best cook books, in time for Christmas shopping...

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Ethical dairy farming and the raw milk of human kindess

Fierce and passionate Fiona Provan, who owns The Calf at Foot Dairy on the Suffolk/Norfolk border on the Somerleyton Estate, is trying to change dairy farming...